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clinical photography equipment

Products Overview

Prefect® clinical photography equipment delivers high resolution, consistently lit, reproducible photographs to help you document and communicate results to your patients and your peers, and better market your practice.

Studio Pro™ Clinical Photography System

Profect® StudioPro™ Clinical Photography System is a full solution for medical photography of the face and neck.

The system includes:

  • Digital SLR camera
  • Patient positioning stand
  • Lighting
  • Ultra III Image software

The system enables medical professionals to maximize image quality and flexibility with minimal footprint and cost, providing a higher quality of care and paient satisfaction through clinical photography. StudioPro is a platform dedicated to medical photography of the face and neck.


Full Body Clinical Photography System

The Profect® Full Body Photography System produces vividly detailed head–to–toe images to better sell body shaping procedures and examine conditions such as cellulite and leg veins. This full body clinical photography platform enables consistent and repeatable images for comparative, consultative and publishing purposes.

The system includes a full rolling and locking tripod mount, parabolic strobe and diffusers, patient positioning mat and backdrop to enable the creation of consistent reproducible clinical pictures.


Profect® Ultra III Software Suite

Ultra-III Skin Analysis software is a photo documentation, archiving, annotation and presentation suite that easily and intuitively records and tracks patient information and clinical progress. It’s simple, powerful and easy to use, set of software tools to organize, analyze and present your clinical photographs.

Ultra-III is the newest version of Profect’s image management software suite which features Sub-Surface Skin Measurement and Analysis Tools, hemoglobin and melanin graphing, and customizable patient reports.

All our clinical photography systems come bundled with our Ultra III imaging software. Simple and easy to use, it gives you a powerful set of tools to document, capture, analyze, annotate, organize, display and present  your clinical photographs.


Ready to get started?

Whether you have one treatment room or 10, a dedicated room for consultation and photography or several, consistent overhead lighting, open windows with lots of sunlight or low-level spa lighting, we can help you select the right tools to improve the quality and accuracy of your clinical photographs.